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Scooters may get OK for permanent use at Ripon’s skate park

Scooters of the non-motorized two-wheel variety will soon be a permanent part of the rules at the Curt Pernice Skate Park.

Actually, the "non-motorized" portion will be added to the amendment when the Ripon City Council takes a look again at allowing scooters at the park.

At a meeting earlier this month, elected leaders did a first reading of the add-on to the Municipal Code that was on a one-year trial basis.

"The non-motorized part will be added to the second reading of the amendment," Recreation Director Kye Stevens said.

He added that the "since no major problems or concerns have arisen in the past 11 months after allowing scooter access," staff recommended that the scooters of the two-wheel variety become a permanent fixture at this city park.

Those changes could come as early as next month's meeting.