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Sequoia School promotes 93 eighth graders to high school
sequoia grad
Sebastian Gutierrez receives his Honor Cord from Sequoia School Principal Suzanne McCreath during the eighth-grade promotion on Wednesday.

Sequoia Elementary honored its 2020 eighth-grade graduates online and in person this past week.

On Tuesday, the school posted a 10-minute video on its YouTube channel, Sequoia Manteca, to acknowledge its students in a more traditional fashion. Principal Suzanne McCreath opened with a welcome speech and was followed by an appearance from student-body president Nalahna Cedano.

“I know this is not how any of us were expecting to celebrate our eighth graders, but the circumstances do not diminish our pride or our enthusiasm,” McCreath said.

McCreath went on to recognize valedictorians Lily Krieger, Ivan Barajas and Nancy Plascencia — all of whom carried 4.0 grade-point averages in the seventh and eighth grades. District Recognition Award winners Alana Farias and Iverson Perez were also given a nod for earning the Character Award.

McCreath and the rest of the Tigers faculty and staff then got to briefly reunite with the graduating students on Wednesday evening with their drive-thru promotion.

In all, ninety-three eighth-graders were honored. Here's the rest of Sequoia's class of 2020: Gabriel Aguilar, Lydia Allgaier, Getzabel Ayala, Omar Barajas, Marcelo Blanco, Charlez Bond, Jacob Camara, Ella Marie Cannon, Silvia Conn, Rosalyn Connely, Nevaeha Cook, Xianna Cornejo-Lagunes, Adolfo Corona Aguilar, Fernando Cortez, Autumn Costa, Yalie Cruz Saravia, Jaiden DeSouza, Karla Diaz Vazquez, Dominic Dominguez Castro, Diana Duarte, Paulina Duenas, Jay Espinosa, Carlos Jullian Facundo, Natalie Fernandez-Nunez, Miguel Flores Solano, Christopher Galdamez, Helen Garcia, William Garcia, Natalie Garcia Arellano, Sophia Garcia Vasquez, Israel Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Cassodee Gulley, Marianna Gumas, Sebastian Gutierrez, Cecilia Herrera, Kenneth Higashi, Justin Holmes-Gutierrez, Jonathan Huerta Ambrosio, Alexiah Jara, Fatima Lara, Johnathan Lee, Emma Lockwood, Fernando Lopez Torres, Wendy Loza, Ethan Mace, Giselle Macias, Esmeralda Martinez Hernadez, Angela McGee, Anthony Melchor Anaya, Ivan Mendoza, Susannah Moreno, Kevin Navarro Mendoza, Hannah Nieto, Samina Noor Ali Jan, Julio Nunez-Mendoza, Chloe O'Keefe, Ernesto Ochoa, Francisco Ochoa, Benjamin, Orozco, Felix Ozuna Tovar, Manuel Padilla, Alexis Palomar, Karina Ramirez, Manuel Ramirez, Marco Ramos, Valentino Reyes, Mariah Roa, Keira Robello, Andrew Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Gaspar Rodriguez Carranza, Enrique Rodriguez Gomez, Briana Rubalcaba, Jaylyn Ruiz, Emmanuel Ruiz-Ochoa, Mya Sanchez, Santiago Sanders, Savannagh Scott, Ambiance Simpson, Kayla Smith, Justin Studer, Daniela Suarez Munoz, Simrat Thind, Bradley Ussery, Angel Vega, Sarabella Vera.