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Settle finds $100 egg at Spreckels Historical Plaza
100 dollar egg

Courtney Settle was the first to find last week’s $100 Manteca Bulletin virtual Easter egg hidden at the Spreckels Historical Plaza.

Located behind the Chevron station along Spreckels Avenue and Historical Plaza Way, it was built by the developers of Spreckels Park to honor Spreckels Sugar.

It included four large drainage culvert pipes stood on their ends to replicate the four 15-story sugar silos. Brick from the former warehouse was used to create a seating wall beneath a trellis. Landscaping, lighting, and a flag pole were added.

The developers spent $250,000 on their dime for the tribute on land they owned. After years of the homeless overrunning the historical plaza, defecating throughout, and vandalizing it the property was fenced off and sold to an investor seeking to develop it.

The four clues were:
*Near a place where you are in charge — A Tesla super charging station has been placed across from the plaza in the Target parking lot.

*Those are some big pipes — A reference to the four culverts.

*Direct from the warehouse — The bricks used In the plaza came from the Spreckels Sugar warehouse

*Inspired by the best — A reference to an early Spreckels marketing campaign for the use of their sugar for baking.

Clues to find the final $100 Easter Egg Hunt egg appear on page A14 of today’s Bulletin along with the email address to send your answer. The first correct answer based on time received will be the winner.