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First-term incumbent’s donations more than all four of his opponents combined
Gary Singh

Gary Singh has raised more money in his race for the Manteca City Council than all four of his opponents combined.

Singh is seeking his second four-year term in today’s election. Also seeking election to the two seats up from grabs are 12-year council veteran Debby Moorhead, retired Manteca police chief Charlie Halford, registered nurse Fred Cunha, and Amazon manager David Martin.

Singh has received $76,071 as of Friday. More than $53,000 has flowed into the Singh campaign since mid-September.

That includes $22,592 during the last reporting period between Sept. 20 and Oct. 17. That is $1,300 more than Halford — the second highest fundraiser at $21,292 — has collected in donations for his entire campaign.

Moorhead was third with $16,746 raised followed by Cunha at $2,755, and Martin at $1,735.

Singh inow holds the distinction of being the biggest fundraiser in the history of Manteca municipal elections at $76,071 this campaign and the third highest with $59,261 in the 2016 race. Steve DeBrum is at the No. 2 spot ($59,261 in 2018) and No. 4 position ($46,404 in 2014) on the Top 10 fundraising list among council and mayoral candidates in Manteca elections.

Overall, the five hopefuls have collected $118,599 in donations so far this campaign. That makes the current election campaign the third highest ever in terms of money collected behind the 2018 election at $175,931 and the 2014 races at $123,845. The 2018 and 204 races involved the mayor’s post as well as two council seats

Singh has $46,223 in cash on hand. That’s $3,595 more than his four opponents have collected for the entire campaign which is a combined $42,628.

Never before has any Manteca candidate for council — or mayor — has had such a large war chest going into the final days of a municipal election.

Even though Singh has an outstanding debt of $3,000 as of Oct. 17, is highly unlikely his campaign will spend much of the money he has on hand for today’s election. California law allows candidates to roll left over campaign funds into the next campaign. Singh, if re-elected, would have a council seat through 2024. The next election is in 2022 when the council seats now held by Jose Nuño and Dave Breitenbucher are up for grabs as well as the mayor’s post now held by Ben Cantu

Of the $21,292 raised by Halford, he has spent $17,627 as of Oct. 17. He also reported $3,664 cash on hand with a $2,000 outstanding debt.

Moorhead has $1,599 cash on hand and debt of $3,000. She has spent $16,146 as of Oct. 17 on her campaign.

Cunha was $3,469 in debt as of Oct. 17 with $435 on cash in hand. He raised $2,755 and has spent $5,405.

Martin raised $1,735 and has spent $1,443. Martin reported having $535 cash on hand.


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