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SJ County deaths reach 8; mid-May seen as case peak
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San Joaquin County’s top health official Tuesday warned that coronavirus cases locally will start surging later this month and won’t peak until mid-May.

That is in stark contrast to health officials in neighboring Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties that have projected COVID-19 cases in their jurisdictions to peak in mid-April. That timeline nearly matches the April 26 peak for California that Dr. Anthony Fauci — the nation’s top infectious disease expert — shared at Trump’s press conference Tuesday.

Two additional people have died in San Joaquin in the 24 hours leading up to 5 p.m. Tuesday with an additional 20 confirmed cases. That brings the coronavirus death count in San Joaquin County to 8 with the number of confirmed cases at 151. There have been 178 deaths in California and 3,783 deaths in the United States.

San Joaquin County Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Maggie Park told the Board of Supervisors that based on the most recent models, San Joaquin County won’t see the peak in COVID-19 cases until mid-May. Park said delayed peak date is because the virus appeared later in San Joaquin than in other California counties.

Park emphasized if residents follow the “Stay at Home” Order it will help slow the spread of the virus, reduce the amount of people who need to be hospitalized, and lessen the exposure to medical personnel who care for COVID-19 patients.

 Park said that if people do not take social distancing and shelter in place guidelines seriously, then the consequences could be grim with a surge beginning in April and  the peak surge in mid-May including the possibility of 919 hospitalizations with 367 in ICU and 183 people needing ventilators with a total of 1,400 people who would need to be hospitalized.

Manteca Emergency Operations Public Information Officer Lantz Rey said police officers on Tuesday visited various businesses that were still open and are part of the governor’s closure list and advised them they must curtail operations immediately.

While police officers in neighboring Ripon were kicking people off golf courses the county ordered closed, Rey said Manteca officers are not yet patrolling parks and related facilities such as the skate park and golf course and ordering people off. 



City maintaining center

to answer questions


The City of Manteca emergency command center is operating daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to try and answer what questions they can from citizens emailing or calling in as well as to monitor the ongoing situation.

The phone number for questions related to the coronavirus emergency is 456-8854 while the email is

The City of Manteca is also maintaining a coronavirus update site on its website at

It is on top of the home page. Click on the banner and it sends you to resources dealing with the pandemic from the Centers for Disease Control to state and county agencies. There is also information regarding what businesses can remain open as well as possible help with virus related financial issues.


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