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SJ Supervisors adopt $2.8 billion spending plan for 2024-2025
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STOCKTON — San Joaquin County’s $2.8 billion budget for the fiscal year starting July reflects a 1.7 percent increase in spending.

Overall, $2.4 billion, or 84.3% of the budget is supported by departmental revenue including State and Federal funding and previous years’ savings.  

he remaining $444.1 million is funded by General Purpose Revenue, such as property and sales tax.

 In addition, the 2024-2025 Special Districts Budget totals $61,462,362 for water, sewer, lighting, and community service districts throughout the County.

“One of the primary roles and responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors is to establish a sound financial spending plan for the County,” noted Board Chairman Miguel Villapudua after the supervisors approved the budget Tuesday.

“This budget, particularly the local resources and expenditures where the Board has full discretion, shows the priorities of this Board, which are the primary functions of local government – public safety and infrastructure.”

Villapudua  noted:

*the budget is balanced.

*it reflects slow and measured growth where it is needed and can be sustained.

*funds have been set aside funds to ensure the county will be able to accommodate future impacts from the State budget.

*the county is paying down unfunded liabilities, like retirement, to ensure the financial solvency of special funds.

The Board of Supervisors’ focus remained on issues of law and as they approved an 11.46% increase to the subject area budget including additional staff for the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney, Public Defender, and Correctional Health.

Additional funding was authorized to expand the Sheriff’s motor team, to keep public streets and unincorporated County roads as safe as possible.

“Public safety remains the top priority of this Board,” commented Supervisor Robert Rickman. “The funds spent there not only protect our families and our communities, it also ensures a quality of life that raises our property values, speeds economic development, and improves the overall health of our community.”

The adopted budget also continues the Board’s investments in the recently created SJ CARES program, which is a Countywide multidisciplinary team approach to address homelessness in San Joaquin County. The Probation Department will supervise clients on probation who are experiencing homelessness, along with homeless citizens who are deemed high-end users of multiple County systems.


Additional funding for the library and parks and recreation departments was also approved.

The library budget was increased by $2.5 million to fund improvements at the Escalon and Linden branches, additional staffing at the Escalon and Lathrop branches, as well as an update to the library website and increased subscriptions to digital materials.

At local parks, there will also be additional services, including the expansion of the Micke Grove Zoo’s educational program and additional staff to improve appearance, maintenance, and upkeep of all County parks.

“It is important that our families have activities and safe outdoor spaces for the children in our communities,” noted Supervisor Tom Patti. “This Board continues to support advancing and improving our local parks.”

 Additional Agriculture Biologist/Standards Inspector positions were added to the Agricultural Commissioner’s department as well, stressing the Board’s commitment to the County’s number one economic engine – agriculture.

A total of four positions were added to the department to ensure that the County can protect local crops from invasive pests and conduct all necessary functions essential to keeping the thriving agriculture industry vibrant.