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Spin Cycle assisting with homeless effort
Spin Cycle assisting with homeless effort
GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin Angela Abreu of the Spin Cycle takes blankets out of a dryer for the Inner-City Action homeless resource center.

Spin Cycle is helping to address the Manteca homeless problem.

The laundromat in the 100 block of East Yosemite Avenue in downtown Manteca is working with Inner-City Action that has a temporary homeless resource center. They are washing, drying and folding sheets, blankets, pillowcases and some clothing without cost for the homeless that the resource center staff is working with as  part of the first step in relationship building aimed at getting them off the streets.

Included in the Spin City effort is the pickup and delivery from the resource center site on the former Qualex property at 555 Industrial Park Drive.

Located at 161 East Yosemite Avenue, Spin Cycle has been operating for the last two years offering numerous washers and dryers for an expanding clientele. 

Staffer Angela Abreu noted that laundromat owner Mike Memetz of San Francisco wants to help Inner City’s efforts to get the homeless off the streets and back into main stream life.

“We weigh the bedding and clothes and give them a receipt without charge,” she explained.

Abreu was herself homeless 20 years ago sleeping on the floor of a friend with her two children while waiting for an opening in a Bay Area shelter.  Her oldest is now 30 and is a software manager.  

She noted that her middle child – a daughter – is currently a dance and Yoga instructor.  Abreu has five children, two adopted and eight grandchildren. 

Memetz read about the Inner City effort for the homeless in the Manteca Industrial Park in the newspaper and met with Pastor Frank Saldana to offer his help.

“Everyone is waiting for everyone else to solve the problem,” Memetz said. “As a business owner I feel that if we all do a little something to help and form a group combined with other business owners, we can make a huge impact.  We should rise up to the challenge to help the community with the city as the leader, businesses pulling from all their resources and the churches as the community resources.  We have been waiting for a long time for a team like the Inner-City Action.  The city needs to partner along with Inner-City Action to build a stronger community resource center.”

The laundromat owner said he sees the immediate needs a drug detox rehab program, job training, mental evaluations and medications, a clothing closet, housing, restrooms and showers, warmth and heat when the weather is unbearably cold. 

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