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Sprint agrees to remove cell tower
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Sprint has agreed to remove its wireless cell tower off the Weston Elementary School campus in Ripon.

A number of parents believe the cell tower in the middle of the campus may be responsible for triggering cancer in several children due to electromagnetic waves. Experts hired by the Ripon Unified School District concluded the tower’s electromagnetic waves were well within federal guidelines. An expert retained by several parents disputes that conclusion.

Ripon Unified School District Superintendent Ziggy Robeson confirmed Monday morning that Sprint Corporate Communications is offering to move the cell tower from the Weston Elementary School campus located near the school office on Stanley Drive and two classrooms   

Four students and three teachers at the school have developed cancer with many blaming the cell tower radiation as the cause of the life-threatening illnesses in contrast with other Ripon Unified campuses that have reported no cancer cases 

Brad Rex, 11, the most recent student to develop cancer symptoms and resulting diagnosis lives with his family across the street from the school in the 1600 block of Stanley Drive.   

School Trustee Kit Oase had said earlier in a prepared statement that the Ripon Unified School District board sympathizes with the family and understands it has been a very scary time for them. The district has been inundated with hundred of parents who demanded that they take out the cellular tower believing it has been behind the cluster of cancer flare-ups at the school. 

Due to a long-term contract with Sprint, the school district was not in a position to order the tower’s removal but they did send a letter to Sprint asking then to consider doing so.

The school district had suggested that anyone having comments or concerns about the electromagnetic radiation emitting from the cell tower to contact Adrienne Norton at Sprint Corporate Communications at 425-256-7014.  

According to, to guarantee the best cell phone coverage, towers are built between 50 and 200 feet tall.  Cell phone towers use different levels of power and emit different levels of “dirty” electricity depending on the geography and population density.

No time frame has been established as to when the tower may be moved off of the school grounds. 

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