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Stadium work will impact Manteca & EU Lathrop sports
MHS parking lot
Recent heavy rainfall delayed work on expanding the Manteca High student parking lot onto property acquired at 419 Moffat Boulevard where the Pacific Motel once stood. Grading and site preparation was slightly delayed.

Much-needed upgrades at the stadiums at Manteca, Lathrop and East Union high schools will impact sports programs.

The biggest hit is likely to be the loss of the ability to play all or some of a specific sports’ home games literally at home.

It is because of a number of money-related issues.

*Escalating construction costs that means once clearance is given by the Department of the State Architect (DSA) projects need to go to bid, a contract awarded, and work started as soon as possible.

*Gov. Gavin Newsom — in a bid to bridge a pending state deficit in excess of $22 billion — has already cut $100 million from non-classroom instruction from the upcoming budget proposal. Another $840 million may be cut from the 2023-2024 state budget for schools as well.

*Delaying the projects to work around home games for sports such as football could lead to escalated costs which means less needed work could end up being done at the stadiums.

Victoria Brunn, the Manteca Unified Chief Business and Information Officer, on Monday indicated the district is trying to determine how state budget changes will impact funding as well as re-examining the projects to make sure they will be done in  the most cost effective manner.

The goal is to get the most work done out of what money will be available.

”We have as fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers that we take seriously,” Brunn said.

At the time, the district is taking steps to make sure student athletes will still have the ability to practice and compete regardless of the specific sports that will end up being impacted at each campus.


The projects at Lathrop High and East Union are anticipated to require a seven-month duration. Phasing of the work will allow for some use during the project, however, on the current timeline (March to September) it can be expected that stadium use will be impacted during the fall sports term.

Should the district consider another timeline, it does not mitigate the impact to the use of the stadium during the year. It is expected that programs will be impacted, and that alternate sites for events impacted by the project’s final schedule will be required.

Manteca High is still in DSA review and will require further schedule coordination due to the increased scope of the project. Schedule impacts are being reviewed in February as DSA completes the final review.

Proposed funding for the stadium work is currently allocated from the Special Reserve for Capital Outlay (Fund 40).  Both Manteca and EU require upgrades to the storm water system to allow their use during and after inclement weather.

All three high schools will get 8-lane all-weather tracks. The turf, although in excellent repair, requires significant and ongoing maintenance. The project will allow the installation of hybrid Bermuda turf that increases the durability of the turf.

Irrigation systems will be replaced to address ongoing issues and to align with standards for water conservation, adequate coverage, and controls.

The turf will be designed to accommodate both football and soccer.

The three stadiums will be brought up to current building codes. That includes Americans with Disabilities Act compliance concerns and providing for lighting upgrades to emergency egress requirements.

Work specific to the Manteca High stadium includes:

*Replacing the stadium lighting.

*Replacing the main electrical service for the stadium due to the age and condition of the infrastructure.

*Replacing or upgrading the fire alarm system, audio visual system and emergency egress lighting for the stadium.

*Installing emergency backup battery storage to support the emergency egress lighting.

*Replacing the 1,000-seat visitors’ bleachers.

*A possible alternate add-on of 22 feet of netting over an 8-foot chain link fence between the southern end of the stadium and an adjoining mobile home park.

*Installing 650 linear feet of 8-foot chain link fence elsewhere with a possible alternative to that of a masonry wall instead.

*Installing 1,145 linear feet of linear chain link fence or the alternate of a wrought iron security fence.

*Proposed replacement facilities for high jump, triple/long jump, pole vault, shot put and discus.

*An existing building on the northeast edge of the stadium to be repurposed as team rooms.

*New ticket booth/restroom building as well as a picnic/pop up tent area.

*Proposed storage containers.

*Installing ADA parking and an accessibility path.

*Demolishing a building in the southeast corner of the stadium.

*Proposed scoreboard and flag pole.

Work specific to East Union High’s stadium includes:

*Proposed ADA parking stalls.

*New flag pole.

*New improvements for triple jump/long jump, pole vault, shot put, and discus.

*Proposed storage containers.

Work specific to Lathrop High includes:

*Upgrades to existing ADA parking.

*Proposed storage containers.

*New triple jump/long jump, discus, shot out, pole vault, and high jump areas.


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