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Ludow wants plan for Manteca to add manpower that stresses improved service, maximizes dollars
Lutzow staff

Interim City Manager Miranda Lutzow believes it is a disservice to Manteca’s taxpayers for a city not to have a staffing plan in place that takes into account current personnel and future needs.

“In the past we have just been adding positions here and there as we go along (through the year),” Lutzow said.

At the same time she doesn’t want to simply restore positions as funding becomes available that were cut when Manteca was struggling along with other jurisdictions during the Great Recession.

It is why on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. she will be reviewing current and future staffing needs with the City Council when they meet at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

A few of the examples that Lutzow offered that could result in both more effective delivery of municipal services as well as keep costs down to taxpayers include:

*Having a citywide purchasing agent instead of each department buying their own supplies. By buying items in bigger bulk such as copy paper, Lutzow notes the city can realize ongoing savings.

*Putting in place a real estate property manager. The positron would entail a number of responsibilities but the most effective would be securing easements and making sure all of the details are followed through in a smooth and timely manner. Lutzow said easement issues that all too often fall through the cracks with multiple departments handling a project resulting in costly delays would fall under the purview of one person.

*Merging maintenance from various divisions such as parks, streets, fleet, and building divisions into one so pressing issues can be tackled quicker and more effectively such as repairing potholes.

*Exploring whether it is more cost effective and provides better and more responsive service to residents if the city bought a bucket truck to handle all street light maintenance.

Lutzow also believes be assessing all manpower and city needs that staff can be deployed more effectively.

She noted a staffing plan that is well thought out and effectively implemented is a major step the city needs to take given 85 percent of the city’s general fund budget goes to salaries and employee benefits.

Manteca is closing in on 400 municipal employees.

The special meeting on the staffing plan is designed to serve as a jumping off point for decisions related to manpower needs for the upcoming fiscal year budget starting July 1.


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