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Teen says she was abducted, investigation by Manteca Police
crime tape

The Manteca Police are currently investigating a possible abduction that took place last week in front of a Manteca home and ended when the 17-year-old that reported the incident to the authorities escaped from the vehicle that she was riding in. 

While police have yet to release any information about possible suspects, they did report on Tuesday that a detective has been assigned to the case to investigate any possible leads stemming from information provided by the minor victim who told police that she was taken from in front of her Manteca home at around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 13. 

The young woman, according to her statement, was then driven to Tracy where she was able to escape from the vehicle and get to a place where she was able to call a friend that drove to Tracy and picked her up and brought her back to her home in Manteca. 

The Manteca Police Department received a call at 10:57 p.m. that night reporting the abduction when the young woman was back in Manteca. Officers arrived 10 minutes later to take a statement and begain their investigation. While the alleged victim did not receive medical care for any injuries sustained during the incident, uncorroborated social media reports state that there were injuries received that have been documented by investigators although police are not releasing that information to the public at this time. 

The Manteca Police did confirm that the young woman reported that she did not know the assailants prior to them driving up to her home. 

“We are not able to go into more detail as it would not be appropriate to do so at this time,” the City of Manteca’s official Facebook account stated in a response in the comments of the announcement posted Tuesday. “As more information becomes available through the investigation it can be released. We also do not have more specific suspect(s) information to release at this time.

“If we are able to release more detailed information to gain the assistance from the public in identifying those responsible, we will do so.”

The Manteca Police also encouraged people to remain “aware of their surroundings” and for parents to have conversations with their children about staying safe and remaining alert to potential dangers that they may encounter.

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