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Three collector streets in Lathrop targeted for upgrades via SB1 funds
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Three streets in Lathrop could soon be getting a much-needed facelift thanks to California taxpayers.

On Monday the Lathrop City Council approved the list of projects that will be funded by Senate Bill 1 – the Road Repair and Accountability Act that was passed by the California legislature in 2017 – in order to meet the requirements of the bill so that funding for the project can be disbursed.

According to the staff report Lathrop is planning to target Stonebridge Lane from Harlan Road to Slate Street, J Street from Harlan Road to 5th Street, and Thomsen Road from Harlan Road to Fifth Street and is set to receive $445,000 for the upcoming fiscal year.

The legislative bill that was signed by then-Governor Jerry Brown aims to close the shortfalls for the necessary maintenance for California’s aging highway system – estimated at the time to need $59 billion worth of work – and the $78 billion of necessary work for local streets and roads. Prior to the passing of SB1 the state’s budget did not include the funding required to close either gap.

The construction being funded will include using a slurry seal treatment – a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate, and additives – to coat the existing roadway and fill in any cracks or roadway deficits that are currently existing. While the treatment isn’t as thorough as a complete replacement of the existing roadway, it is far less costly and will help extend the life of the surface for up to a decade.

If the council approves the prioritization of the street segments that are being submitted by staff, the next step will be putting the project out to bid awarding the contract to the lowest bid capable of carrying out the work – something that is expected to be completed by this summer. Construction is slated to begin shortly thereafter, and work is expected to be completed by the fall of this year.

The three streets that will be resurfaced serve as east-west collector streets that move traffic from local streets – those in subdivisions and residential areas – to arterials that move a higher volume of traffic.

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