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Three police officers being recognized for actions to save a life
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Manteca Police officers Adam Ragsdale, Brandon Lowry, and Jesus Lopez are being recognized for their actions credited with saving the life of a man.

The three officers will be presented with the Manteca Police Department Lifesaving Ribbon during Tuesday’s 7 p.m. City Council meeting. It takes place in the council chambers at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

On July 20 at 12:07 a.m. officers were dispatched to the apartments located in the 300 block of South Union Road responding to a report of a man breaking windows.

Lopez arrived on scene and quickly located an adult male severely bleeding, laying on the ground in a parking stall.  He was going in and out of consciousness due to the massive amount of blood loss.  Lowry and Ragsdale had also arrived on scene to assist Lopez. 

Lowry and Ragsdale immediately took action and began to render medical aid. They applied a tourniquet to the downed person’s arm. It appeared he had severed the brachial artery in his right arm and the application of the tourniquet slowed the bleeding. 

The officers’ actions gave the Manteca District Ambulance the precious time needed to transport the injured party to a local area hospital for medical treatment and he survived this life threatening injury. 

 “Officers are placed in consistently evolving, high stress situations, where sometimes they do not know if the person they are contacting is a victim or a suspect,” Manteca Police command officers noted in a memo to the council. “Officers must make quick assessments to subdue a suspect or render aide to a victim.  In this situation, the injured subject had committed the crime of vandalizing property, by punching out windows, and his own actions caused his severe injury. 

“However, officers on scene made safe tactical decisions and they still were able to render aid to a person who had just committed multiple criminal acts.  Due to quick thinking and actions taken by Officers Lopez, Lowry and Ragsdale, they successfully saved this person’s life.  Later, during the shift, the on duty Watch Commander was contacted by the MDA paramedic, who related that a life was saved because of the quick actions taken by the police officers and the application of a tourniquet.”