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Truck detours get OK for Stockton Ave.
truck ripon
Semi-trucks will be able to use temporary access roads later during later construction stages of the Stockton Rehabilitation Project.

Stockton Avenue in Ripon is located in an industrial area of town.

With it is a flurry of semi-trucks making the rounds with pickups and deliveries as part of a continuous 24/7 schedule.

Because of that, this stretch of road – a major part of the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project, consisting of a complete road reconstruction from Second Street to Doak Boulevard – cannot be closed for any length of time.

The Ripon City Council gave the go-ahead Tuesday for the installation of trucking detour routes for businesses such as Sterling Leasing Inc. (Cal Freight) and Wever Trucking through their property.

No discussion was necessary on the approval of the Temporary Public Access and Construction Agreements with Cal Freight or Wever Trucking – these companies located on Fifth Street and Locust Avenue  will be able to operate on a continuous schedule while utilizing Stockton Avenue as their truck route.

“There will be periods when the intersection will need to close to vehicle traffic entering and exiting on Fifth Street to facilitate construction at the Stockton Avenue and Fifth Street intersection,” said Engineering Supervisor Elizabeth Quilici in her staff report.

Quilici noted that staff reached out to Cal Freight and Wever Trucking to install a trucking detour route through their property.

“When the Stockton Avenue contractor (D.A. Wood Construction Inc. was awarded the project in February) will need to close Fifth Street, the truck detour route will be made available. Semi-trucks will not be allowed to travel north of Acacia or north of Locust Avenue as these are residential area with noise restrictions, street width constraints, and, in general, the roads are not built for heavy vehicle traffic,” she added.

The temporary access road will enable trucks to travel from Fifth Street to Locust Avenue, through the truck detour to Acacia Avenue to Doak Boulevard, and back on to Stockton Avenue – or even in the reverse direction.

The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project is being handled in three phases and scheduled for completion in April 2022.

Work currently consists of repairs and replacements to several underground utilities on Stockton Avenue.

Once completed, Stockton Avenue feature concrete pavers, six-foot sidewalks, and striping with a middle two-way left turn lane.