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Trustees adopt rules for conducting board meetings
rip schools

Trustees of the Ripon Unified School District recently approved a few changes to their bylaws regarding the school board meeting conduct.

This was part of the suggested updates from the California School Boards Association – RUSD along with many other school districts from throughout the state use this systematic process to keep policies updated and current.

The language on “board meeting conduct” was cleaned up on the part on public participation, specifically, a person’s request to speak on behalf of an agenda item

“In general, individual speakers will be allowed three minutes to address the board on each agenda or non-agenda item, and the board will limit the total time for public input on each item to 20 minutes.

“However, in exceptional circumstances when necessary to ensure full opportunity for public input, the board president may, with board consent, adjust the amount of time allowed for public and / or the time allotted for each speaker.

“Any such adjustment shall be done equitably so as to allow a diversity of viewpoints. The president may also ask members of the public with same viewpoint to select a few individuals to address the board on behalf of that viewpoint.”

RUSD meetings, like all governing boards, are guided by an agenda that’s prepared in accordance to the Ralph M. Brown Act (open meeting requirements) and other applicable laws.

The local school board is also against late night sessions, believing that it can “deter public participation, can affect the board’s decision-making ability, and can burden the staff,” according to the bylaw.

Regular meetings should be adjourned at 10:30 p.m. unless extended to a specific time determined by a majority vote of the board.

In such case, the board can call for extension – no more than once – and subsequently adjourned to a later date.