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Pavement lowering, message signs, ramp metering work between Manteca & Ripon
Caltrans is preparing to lower the pavement for the northbound lanes of Highway 99 under the Main Street overcrossing in Ripon.
To do so will mean the northbound onramp to Highway 99 at Main Street will be closed through October. The closure will start Sunday, June 10. No full closure is planned for the Main Street overcrossing in Ripon
It is part of a $25.4 million project made possible by the 12 cent increase in the state gas tax. It is designed to improve freight mobility, travel efficiency, and safety for motorists driving through Manteca, Ripon, and Modesto along the Highway 99 corridor.
It will include installing changeable message boards similar to what is along the 120 Bypass that warn motorists of slowing or stopped traffic ahead as well as other safety and travel concerns. It also will put in place ramp meters along the corridor similar to the ones in place at ramps at Austin Road, French Camp Road as well as Lathrop Road interchanges but aren’t yet operational.
Ramp meters are typically a basic traffic signal with red and green slights tied to a controller that regulates the flow of traffic entering freeways based on current conditions. Such systems have proven to be successful in decreasing traffic congestion and increasing safety by breaking up platoons of cars for more efficient operations via vehicle spacing.
Six additional interchanges along the Highway 99 corridor will have on-ramp meters installed. They are:
Yosemite Avenue to northbound and southbound Highway 99.
Jack Tone Road to northbound and southbound Highway 99.
Milgeo Avenue and Colony Road in Ripon to northbound Highway 99.
Main Street in Ripon to northbound and southbound Highway 99.
Hammett Road in Modesto to northbound and southbound Highway 99.
Pelandale Avenue in Modesto to northbound Highway 99.
The project also includes the installation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) elements such as changeable message signs, closed circuit televisions and fiber-optics, and traffic management and weather information systems. They will all contribute toward easing congestion and improving safety and efficiency for motorists
New landscaping will be installed along with an improved drainage system.
Work will occur during both the night and during the day. There could be delays of up to 15 minutes. Caltrans indicated no two consecutive ramps will be closed at the same time.
The established detour to reach northbound Highway 99 from Main Street is to take the Frontage Road north, turn right on Acacia Avenue, turn left on Milgeo Avenue and then take the northbound on-ramp at Milgeo Avenue.
Highway 99 between  Modesto and the 120 Bypass has become increasingly congested as the 209 region continues to grow in its role of moving products to market from farms and distribution centers to serving as the affordable housing option for  the job-rich Bay Area.

Caltrans is working with the San Joaquin Council of Governments in a bid to move forward with an $80 million project that would significantly alter the interchanges on Highway 99 at the 120 Bypass and Austin Road to enhance traffic movements and safety. While the back up on eastbound 120 Bypass has been a major issue for years and has led to numerous fatalities with an accident happening almost every two days, Highway 99 northbound approaching  the 120 Bypass has started to develop similar issues with traffic slowdowns.