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Nile Garden adds life to 7th grade medieval lessons

Ye Olde Nile Garden School celebrated the annual Medieval Faire on Friday.

For seventh graders, this was their hands-on way of learning about European life in the Middle Ages.

"This is a living history activity," said their teacher Tim Lewis alias King Lewis the Wise,

He started the Medieval Faire some 24 years ago.

"Seventh-grade World History is about the Medieval period — some of it is kind of dry," said Lewis on his reasoning for taking on this living history lesson.

His seventh graders were once again the stars, showcasing their costumes and other accessories in an effort to replicate life in those days.

"The seventh graders worked really hard," said Lewis of their efforts consisting of spending months learning about the fashion, art, music, dances, activities, etc., of that era. 

"We're having our first co-ed dance," he happily announced.

Jackie Gutierrez and Cooper Brothers reigned as queen and king during the outdoor feast held in unseasonably cool conditions.

Organizers did worry about the Medieval Faire being washed out earlier that day. "Thanks God it didn't rain," Lewis added.

The eighth graders did their part doing plenty of the behind-the-scenes work such as painting the banners, making the table runners, and teaching the dances.

"It was fun when we did it last year," said eight-grade student Cadence Fernandez. "It was like putting us back in time."

Lewis thanked all those who were involved in the Medieval Faire including the monetary donation from the Nile Garden Community Club