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Council may award $2.8M bid for work Tuesday
The deteriorating pavement on Yosemite Avenue between Main Street and Cottage Avenue will be replaced in early 2019. - photo by Bulletin file photo

Two of Manteca’s major corridors — Main Street and Yosemite Avenue — are now poised to have significant upgrades in early 2019 ranging from better pavement quality to enhanced pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The Manteca City Council on Tuesday is expected to award a $2.8 million contract to Teichert Construction to upgrade Yosemite Avenue between Main Street and Cottage Avenue. The council two months ago awarded a contract for similar work on Main Street from Main Street to Atherton Drive. 

Safety highlights, lane configuration changes, and other work include:

Stripping on westbound Yosemite at Powers Avenue that puts a bicycle lane between the through lane and the lane that turns right. Not only is that considered safer for bicyclists but it should end the illegal practice of motorists using the right turn lane as a through lane to cut in front of traffic. Bike lanes will be put in place from Main Street to Cottage Avenue.

There are hand activated overhead warning flashers planned at Yosemite Avenue at the intersections of Garfield Avenue and Sherman Avenue in front of Manteca High. The flashers will be powered by solar panels.

A new 12-inch water line will be placed across Yosemite Avenue at Fremont Avenue to avoid coming back in three to five years when water line work along the length of Fremont Avenue is expected to be needed. That avoids tearing up the new pavement within one to three years.

Various curbs at intersections will be replaced to comply with current American with Disabilities Act standards.

The cross slope of the street where pavement projects over the years has built it up to 4 inches will be reduced down to 2 inches.

Installing high visibility crosswalks.

In order to minimize impacts on residents, schools, commercial concerns, the key items for consideration during construction are:

Maintaining pedestrian and driveway access during construction particularly ingress/egress to commercial buildings, schools and residents.

Maintaining a minimum of one lane in each direction along Yosemite Ave for vehicles.

Maintaining lighting during construction by identifying the street light boxes that may need to be relocated outside curb ramps.

Coordinating pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction with utility owners.

 The is being financed with gas tax, Measure K sales tax, Local Transportation Funds distributed by the state, and other sources.

The City Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

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