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Losing weight along with taste for style
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For the longest time I’ve told myself that I can’t wait to lose weight because then I’d be able to go buy something off the rack rather than having to shop in the big and tall section.
And while I’ve gotten down into a pant size that I can purchase at just about any store, and a shirt size that’s available in most places, I’m also about to become a father and for some reason my fashion choices just don’t seem quite as important to me anymore.
I was talking a friend of mine who used to write for this newspaper a little while ago, and he joked about how now that he’s a family man he has only a handful of outfits that he wears – pretty much tuned to the particular event that he’s going to be going to.
The days when he was actually focused on the fashions and the style of the clothes that he wears (and he’s still a pretty fashionable guy) are long behind him in the rear-view mirror.
And I’m starting to realize that – right about the time that I would go reward myself for reaching a goal (albeit a temporary one) that I have long told myself I wanted to hit.
Go figure.
But that’s life sometimes. And the best-laid plans don’t always work out the way you would like for them to. On Saturday I went with my wife for a maternity photo shoot in San Francisco, and while at Baker Beach a sneak wave came in during high tide and sent a surge of water right towards the photographer’s camera bag.
I ran towards the bag – through the calf-high water – to try and get to it before the seawater went over the top and ruined thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, and somewhere in the running and jumping and reaching I lost my wedding ring. It’s been loose for some time now – to the point that I really shouldn’t have been wearing it. I disregarded that advice when given to me because I couldn’t imagine not wearing a wedding ring every day (kind of ironic considering it took me more than a month to get used to having it on my hand) and in an instant I realized how foolish it was.
And now I’m kind of in a predicament. Do I replace it, or wait until I finish losing weight so I don’t end up in the same position I found myself on Saturday?
Nobody told me that getting into shape would present me with such a conundrum.
On the plus side – pun intended – I’ve discovered a cache of clothes that I thought were long for this world, including a sweet baby blue Members Only jacket that will be very hip when the cool fall weather rolls back around again. Apparently I had a taste for irony when I was much skinnier, so I’ll go with the hipster look out of respect for that ill-advised purchase, which still has the tag attached to it.
Now if only there was a wedding ring in the pocket.
On a completely related, but unrelated, note, I’ve walked at least 10 miles in the last two weeks in order to hatch my eggs for Pokemon Go, and while playing such a childish game may seem like a waste of time to some, it’s gotten me off of the couch and out of the house at times that I would otherwise be watching television or doing something else that was less than constructive. You could argue that staring at a cell phone and catching imaginary creatures isn’t constructive, but it took 10 miles of tread off of my shoes so I guess I’ll chalk that one up for the win category.
Until next week.