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Man darts in front of truck
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The CHP confirmed Monday that a man who had been seen running out of a vineyard on Lathrop Road over the weekend and listed as a John Doe had received major injuries when a truck ran over him near Austin Road at about 2 p.m. Friday.

He reportedly carried no identification and spoke only in Spanish.

A correctional officer who had been driving behind the truck said the man came running out of the grape vines and into the path of the truck. 

 “The man got stuck under the back tires,” she said, “and the truck had to back off of him.  The guys in the truck called 911 and I stood with the victim to keep him calm and to prevent anyone else from running over him again as he lay in the middle of the road.”

The witness said he asked her in Spanish to shoot him in the head causing her to realize he was suicidal.  When the fire department arrived she assisted them in stabilizing the victim’s head as they put a protective collar around his neck.  

CHP officers Monday afternoon said the man remains in the hospital with major injuries.  Investigators are attempting to identify him through Mexican authorities with the use of fingerprints.