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Manteca adds first resident for 2015
Levinson Rooney Martinez - photo by Photo Contributed

Jessica Doyle spent her New Years Eve waiting. And waiting. And waiting. 

But by Jan. 2, all of the waiting had paid off. 

She gave birth of Manteca’s first baby of 2015.

At 6:40 a.m. on Friday, Levinson Rooney Martinez was born to Doyle and Derek Martinez of Manteca at Doctors Hospital of Manteca. He weighed 9 pounds and measured 21-inches and was, by the accounts of the family, healthy and happy when he was reunited with his mother. 

According to Martinez, they knew before the birth that they’d already claimed the honor. 

“We asked during labor whether anybody had been born yet this year and they said that nobody had so unless somebody jumped in and beat us to the punch, we were pretty safe,” he said. “This is my second and I’m a young brother myself so I’m putting myself in that perspective. Everybody was joking about how she needs to have it 2014 – for tax purposes – but the first baby born in the New Year will be just fine.”

Doyle said that she knew she was going to have her baby before her Jan. 5 due date, and it became a “wait and see” situation while the rest of the world was drinking champagne and toasting to what could be. 

She had them all beat. 

Less than 30 hours after the ball dropped in Times Square she delivered the ultimate “what could be” and claimed an honor that means much to the hospital staff that sees its fair share of newborns.

“It was pretty cool to see that. We waited until the end of the night on News Years Day to come in – New Years Eve was just a lot of waiting for him to come and he never did,” she said. “Everybody was perfect. Everything was perfect.”