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Manteca budgets $2M for overtime for new fiscal year
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Some 6.3 percent of the money the City of Manteca plans on spending to run day-to-day municipal operations in the fiscal year starting July 1 will cover overtime.

The city plans to spend $1.75 million on overtime for general fund operations and another $255,000 for fee supported operations such as water, sewer, refuse service, and the golf course. Overall, there is $2 million set aside for overtime in the proposed budget. That’s up from $1.9 million in the current fiscal year budget.

The overall proposed general fund budget of $27,746,460 covering public safety, parks, streets, and general government is being reviewed by the City Council during a study session on Monday at 3 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St. About 76 percent of all municipal general fund expenses are for employee salaries and associated benefits.

The biggest charge for overtime is from the police department at $1,307,845 followed by the fire department at $410,405.

The city can’t save money by simply higher more full-time officers. That’s because the overtime is generated in a large part by officers who are called in on their day off to testify in court, if they are working a major crime at shifts end that is a high priority felony such as murder, assault with weapons, or rape, of if they are needed to maintaining minimum staffing levels due to a high level of illness among the patrol ranks.

It is not uncommon for an officer to be summoned to court and then spend four or more hours waiting to give testimony.

A major fire at the change of a shift or a high level of missing firefighters due to illness and other reasons can trigger overtime for the fire department.

Overtime being budgeted by department is as follows: sewer, $121,320; solid waste, $68,045; water, $54,985; golf course, $12,050; technology, $7,595; parks, $7,825; facilities, $7,220; fleet maintenance, $6,885; streets, $6,285; finance, $5,065; animal control; $1,980; building safety; storm drain, $1,825; $1,720; recreation, $1,175; development services, $1,150; engineering, $775; city clerk, $225; and senior center, $110.