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Manteca complies with drinking water standards
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For the past seven years, the City of Manteca has been required to notify residents that some water delivered by the City was out of compliance with regulatory requirements. The primary cause of the non-compliance was arsenic, a naturally occurring element commonly found in ground water.

The City has been working during that time period to install facilities that will ensure the entire system is in full compliance with all standards. In order to comply with these standards, the City has to add treatment to 12 City wells and abandon two other City wells. For the past year, the City has been in compliance with all standards. However, State regulations require the City to continue to notify residents of non-compliance until the City has shown a full year of compliance.

The final Public Notice to residents, regarding noncompliance of the City’s Water System, is being mailed out with November’s utility bills. All water sources for the City of Manteca comply with the EPS’s Drinking Water Standards.

For more information, contact the Water Division at (209) 456-8466.