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Manteca Ford Mercury gives away Wii
Manteca Ford Mercury Owner Phil Waterford hands over a brand new Nintendo Wii to Marc Valdez during a special event held Sunday at the North Main Street dealership. Valdez’ stepmother Kimberly Krohn looks on. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
Phil Waterford knew that he had found something special when he gave away a shiny red Mustang last month to a man from Stockton.

So on Sunday when he held another drawing – this time giving young Mark Valdez his very own Nintendo Wii after the flyer his stepmother received in the mail from Manteca Ford Mercury contained the winning number – Waterford solidified his position that this was something he was going to continue doing.

“To see the look on the faces of the people who win something through this – that’s really what makes this what it is,” Waterford said. “When we can get so many different people together in one place knowing that someone is walking away with something, it’s going to be a good day.”

Just before Valdez received his new unopened Wii – a nice consolation to the Explorer Sport-Trac that his stepmother bought during her visit to the dealership – Waterford played the video of the Stockton man going ballistic when he learned that the keys to the Mustang were going to end up in his pocket.

It was a moment that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

“We just came down with the card that we got in the mail and didn’t think that we were going to win anything,” Kimberly Krohn said. “When it came up that we had won the Wii, I was pleasantly surprised, and Marc was ecstatic.”

And while he’ll get the chance to play his favorite games in the comfort of his own home, Waterford is already gearing up on his next free giveaway that he says will by far surpass the first one in which the winner ended up selling the car to use the money to go on a mission.

“We’re already planning on giving away another car on March 29th, and we’re working right now on determining what that car is going to be,” Waterford said. “As long as somebody is 18 years old and has a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, I’ll pay all of the fees and hand them the key right there on the spot.

“After seeing the turnout we had the first time and the reaction of the first winner, this is something that I definitely want to do again – it’s something that gives people hope and that’s what we need at a time like this.”

Phil Waterford’s Manteca Ford Mercury is located at 555 N. Main Street. For more information, call 239-3561, or visit them on the web at