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Manteca issues 137 water use violations
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Manteca issued 19 second violation notices to water wasters in October as the community’s conservation efforts continued to back slide.

Manteca residents reduced water use by 24.6 percent in October compared to 2013 levels. The state has mandated water use in Manteca be reduced by 32 percent over consumption levels for two years ago in order for California to weather the severe drought that is now in its fourth year.

Those second-time violators will have the option of being fined or taking a water conservation class. The class is a one-time alternative to a fine.

City water conservation staff issued 118 first violation notices in October and fielded 50 complaints

They also issued 27 rebates at $75 a pop for water-efficient toilets and 22 eater-efficient washing machine rebates at $100 apiece.

There were also 16 lawn-to-turf rebates applied for that provides $1 per square foot for turf to water conserving landscape conversion up to $750.

October marked the fourth straight month Manteca has missed the state imposed goal of reducing water consumption by 32 percent.

Overall Manteca reduced water use 28.6 percent in September. That follows a 28.4 percent cutback in August. The combined efforts of residents, businesses, the city, and schools reduced waster use by 31 percent in July, 38 percent in June, 34 percent in May, 30 percent in April, 16 percent in March, 23 percent in February, and 16 percent in January.

Between January and October of this year overall water used has dropped 28.6 percent since 2013 despite Manteca adding 2,100 residents.