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Manteca posts salary ranges of employees on city website
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Manteca already beat Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the punch.

The governor challenged cities throughout the state to post the salaries of their municipal officials in the wake of the City of Bell flap where three officials were pocketing $1.6 million a year and a majority of the council was earning over $100,000 in pay. The Los Angeles County community of under 40,000 is considered poor although it was paying their city manager who has since resigned, just a tad under $800,000 a year.

Manteca has been posting the salary ranges of all employees - not just top management on its website for nearly four years. That is unlike Bell where the salaries didn’t come to light until the Los Angeles Times ran an article.

To access the salary information, go to and click on employment in the top left hand corner of the home page. When the next page comes up, click on job descriptions. Each position contains the salary range from the minimum monthly salary to the maximum monthly salary.

While it doesn’t tell you the exact salary of the individual, every management position only has one individual holding the position. And in the case of the current group, almost all upper and middle management are at the top of the salary scale.

City Clerk Joann Tilton, for example, makes $149,033 a year. City Manager Steve Pinkerton earns $200,516 annually. Assistant City Manager Karen McLaughlin receives $172,599 a year. Police Chief Dave Bricker, when he reaches the top step down the road, will earn $157,896. All of those figures do not reflect the across the board 3.8 percent pay cut all municipal employees absorbed via furlough days to help ease the municipal budget crunch.

Tilton noted the salary ranges do not reflect benefits or any longevity pay that employees may receive under current contracts.

The League of California Cities is pushing for state legislation to require  municipalities to post such salary information.

Tilton said that through her dealings with other cities that she believes most  jurisdictions already are doing so.

The compensation of City Council members are not on the site. However, they all receive $560 a month as their council stipend ($500) and for two redevelopment agency meetings ($30 apiece). The figures do not reflect a 10 percent cut the council took to do their part in trimming the budget. Council members can also access benefits. A rundown of what it costs per month per elected leader based on what benefits they are accessing as well as the $560 stipends is as follows: Councilwoman  Debby Moorhead, $1,882.40; Mayor Willie Weatherford at $749.69; Councilman Vince Hernandez at $744.69; Steve DeBrum at $603.85; and John Harris at $600.65.