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Manteca, Ripon party to fight crime
The Manteca Police SWAT vehicle will be visiting neighborhoods Tuesday evening.

Manteca and Ripon residents on Tuesday will gather for neighborhood and community parties as part of the National Night Out to bring people together in the fight against crime.
The national endeavor is based on the premise that by getting to know neighbors better that suspicious activity will more likely be spotted and reported to police. At the same time first responders — use the opportunity to build community contacts.
The Manteca neighborhood parties starts at 6 p.m. and will last until dusk or around 9 p.m. Besides emergency vehicles rolling up to various neighborhood gathering, Manteca Police Department’s new SWAT armored vehicle will also make the rounds.
Manteca Police Lt. Tony Souza said that 60 percent of his patrol officers — about 30 in all — are set to visit the city’s residents.  SHARP volunteers and members of the Manteca Police Explorers will be visiting parties as well. 
Ripon Police will put all of its units on display at the Ripon Community Center Tuesday with the expectation of a large crowd for the National Night Out party starting at 6 p.m.  at the Fourth Street facility.  Ripon also will have a SWAT armored vehicle that will be open to tours.  Both Manteca and Ripon partner for SWAT operations.
Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) members along with the Ripon Police Explorers are set to be part of the event. Those interested in joining either group may talk with the VIPS members or the. Explorers.