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Del Webb alone has 10 National Night Out parties
Barbara Silva and Bob Hall of the Del Webb Neighborhood Watch take a moment between parties Tuesday night. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL

They clocked in with 10 National Night Out Parties. 

With more than 400 active Neighborhood Watch participants divvied up into their individual groups – and a dedicated crew of night watchmen preparing for an evening patrol – it’s safe to say that Del Webb was the safest place to enjoy a night intended to take a stand against crime.

It’s also a great way for friends, new and old, to get to know one another in a growing community of retirees that have come to Manteca to and buy in to a lifestyle brand unlike any other in existence. 

Welcome to Del Webb – where they watch you when you come in and get your license plate when you pull out. 

“It’s a chance to meet your neighbors and to get to know what it is that’s going on in the neighborhood,” said block captain Barbara Silva. “Most of us have been here since 2007, but there are new homes that are going in and people that are moving and events like this help make everyone feel welcome and then they’re willing to keep an eye out for each other’s houses.”

Back against a wall on a sprawling front porch, homeowner Ray Olivares and his wife Liz were enjoying a stiff breeze and some friendly conversation while Manteca Police K9 Officer Randy Chiek stopped in to say hello. 

Big turnouts are typical at Del Webb, and even though the event – National Night Out – is to show criminals that communities are still taking a stand against crime, it’s also a social event. 

“The first thing that I enjoy is getting to talk to the neighbors and socialize. The second thing that I enjoy is getting to talk to the neighbors and socialize,” Olivares said with a laugh. “But you also get to enjoy good food and fun with these people that you know and it’s a great way to bond with one another.”

National Night Out parties were conducted throughout Manteca. The idea is for neighbors to get to know each other better so if something is amiss they will call police.