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Mantecas biggest neighborhood ever
Trails project could grow by 91 lots to 1,764 homes
The Trails of Manteca will be built along the western end of Woodward Avenue. - photo by HIME ROMERO

The biggest residential project ever approved for Manteca is about to get bigger.

Trails of Manteca is seeking approval of an additional 91 single family home lots on previously unmapped areas for the 477-acre project on the southern side of Woodward Avenue south of Oakwood Shores. 

If the Manteca Planning Commission approves the proposal during tonight’s 7 o’clock meeting at the Manteca Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St., it will bring the number of housing units planned at the Trails of Manteca to 1,764. It will bump the 1,450-lot Del Webb at Woodbridge as Manteca’s largest subdivision when it is built out. The Trails includes 1,282 single family homes, 192 townhomes, and 290 apartments.

The proposed Trails of Manteca is designed to be the first to have common areas —including 75 acres of parkland — irrigated with reclaimed water from the Manteca wastewater treatment plant.

The developer is being required to install an 8-inch purple pipe system that will stub at Woodward Avenue for connection to the future city effort to use treated wastewater for irrigation to reduce the use of expensive treated drinking water for that purpose.

Landscape irrigation for parks as well as residential lots is the biggest use of water in the city. Reducing the amount of drinking water used will conserve water as well as extend Manteca’s supply.

Among the planned Trails of Manteca features:

• It will have 75 acres of parks land and open space that is roughly five times the current ratio of parkland to a single family home in a typical development.

• Setbacks for front, back and side yards will be shortened to accommodate smaller single-family homes that in turn is expected to keep housing prices down.

• Back yards that border parkland and open space will have wrought iron “view fences”.

• It will include seven roundabouts including two on Woodward Avenue.

• There will be three bus turnouts on key streets including two on Woodward Avenue which is another first for Manteca.

• All street maintenance and operating costs will be collapsed into the landscape maintenance district.

• Sidewalks will be separated from the street by a grass strip.

• It will include a clubhouse for residents.

• There will be 12 miles of trails for bicycles and pedestrians within the neighborhood.