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Mickey D loves McRappin video about McRibs
Ripon High junior Isabel Sweet, left, and senior Isaiah Thompson are served the last McRib of the season by McDonalds executive chef Dan Coudreaut . - photo by Photo Contributed

McDonalds is McLovin’ the video two Ripon High students produced as part of “The Last McRib” video competition.
The creation by junior Isabel Sweet and senior Isaiah Thompson was picked by McDonald’s as the winning entry. The two are featured with McDonald’s executive chef Dan Coudreaut in a new marketing video posted Thursday by the fast food company on You Tube, Instagram and Twitter.
The students were flown to Chicago for the musical presentation of their winning commercial at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in nearby Oakbrook, Illinois.
Sweet is on the Ripon High yearbook staff and serves as the technology commissioner at Ripon High. She loves photography and taking videos at high school sports games and other activities filming, editing and producing her own videos.
The McDonald’s dubbed the competition “The Last McRib Contest”. Students were asked to create a video that expresses their love of the McRib sandwich.  The contest ran from Nov. 6-27.
Sweet and Thompson had entered the contest together and created their music video that was centered around the McRib. 
“Ever since I was born I knew I would be famous someday,” Sweet said.  “I never imagined it would be through McDonald’s but being famous is being famous.  The whole experience of getting to fly out to Chicago and seeing how they do things in the big city was exciting.”
After hours of brainstorming “Izzy” invited Thompson to collaborate with her.  The two came up with song lyrics and a video.  She was notified in mid-December that their production was the winning entry.
The 30-second video was filmed outside the Ripon McDonald’s as well as using the palm trees that line Palm Avenue off Austin Road midway between Ripon and Manteca.
The lyrics to the rap-style video the pair produced is as follows:
“ McRib, McRib, someone get me a bib.
Finna pick up 10 McRibs and then head to my crib.
What we got ain’t love cuz love isn’t it
You don’t even know how many McRibs I’m gonna get.
Yeah I love it so much, Yeah I love it so good
Gunna get as many McRibs as they say I could
I want them so much, that I might throw a fit
I don’t ever have to worry I’m McFreaking lovin’ it”
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