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Moffat best spot for dog park?
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The City of Manteca wouldn’t be able to build the Moffat Community Center this year for $1.16 million unless it deferred meeting the same landscape requirements it imposes on the private sector.

It is what prompted city staff to secure the City Council’s conceptual approval last week to consider using the remaining area for a municipal dog park.

While the council concurred it is worth looking at, they weren’t 100 percent sold it would be the best place for a dog park nor the best configuration.

The project that includes a 3,600-square-foot community center that will serve as the Jimmie Connors Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6311 home and parking with some landscaping doesn’t cover the entire parcel at 500 Moffat Boulevard. It leaves a long fairly narrowed segment of dirt along the Tidewater plus unused land between the end of the parking lot and a nearby water treatment plant.

City rules require the remnant areas to be landscaped. To do so, however, would increase the cost of the project beyond $1.16 million. It is why the staff was proposing deferring the balance of the landscaping.

After looking at the property, staff determined a dog park with two separate play areas plus additional parking and some more landscaping could be placed on the remainder of the property.

If in the coming months a determination is made by the council to locate a dog park on the site as well, certain improvements for the community enter parking lot would be adjusted to make it a seamless project.

Some residents have voiced concern that a dog park next to the veterans’ hall wouldn’t be compatible or respectful.

It was also noted a dog park on Moffat would be in a central location for much of the city.

The city plans to schedule workshops in the coming months to receive input on the dog park proposal.

The Moffat Community Center is targeted for a July 1 completion allowing for a Fourth of July dedication.  

The dog park would be paid for from fees collected on growth specifically for parks and recreation facilities while the community center is being financed with bonus bucks paid by developers for sewer allocation certainty for the building of new homes.