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Moffat pipe work will help water pressure
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Water pressure is expected to improve in the Powers Tract neighborhood and areas north of Moffat Boulevard to South Main Street with a new water main being placed in beneath Moffat Boulevard.

The City Council Tuesday is expected to award the bid for the work to Knife River Construction for $337,876.50.

The existing pipeline will be replaced with 4,015 feet of new 12-inch and 16-inch diameter water pipes.

The work is being paid for out of the water maintenance and operations account that is supported 100 percent by user fees collected in monthly utility bills for water servcie. There is no general fund money involved.

A city study presented the council in September 2008 identified more than $6 million worth of pipes that needed to be replaced due to either due to their condition or else they were undersized and creating pressure problems. Much of the work that has taken place so far is below estimates due to the drop in construction costs triggered by The Great Recession.

The worst area was in Powers Tract sandwiched between Manteca High and Spreckels Park and the neighborhood just north of the Manteca High football stadium between Garfield Avenue and Washington Avenue. Some pipeline work has already been done within these neighborhoods. The Moffat line also serves those neighborhoods and other areas.

Not all pipelines in the identified areas need replacement, just those in poor condition, are in a bad location or those with hydraulic limitations.

It is the city’s goal to replace all pipes when they’ve reached 80 percent of their useful life to minimize emergency repairs and the inconvenience of line failures.

The areas that have a number of pipelines that are in need of replacement and have either been replaced or are targeted for replacement include:

•Trinity Avenue between Powers Avenue and Cowell Street.

• north of Yosemite Avenue, east of Walnut Avenue, south of the train tracks, and east of Rose Lane.

• south of Yosemite Avenue, east of El Capitan Avenue, north of Edythe, east of Locust, north of Martha, and west of Sequoia.

• south of Yosemite, east of Sequoia, north of South Street, west of South Main and south of the tracks.

• north of Center, east of Walnut, south of the tracks, and west of Rose.

• north of the tracks, east of Elm, south of North, and west of Main.

• west of Main, north of Yosemite, east of Lincoln, and south of Edison.

• east of Sherman, north of Yosemite, west of Fremont, and south of Sutter.

• south of Yosemite, east of Grant, north of the tracks, and west of Sherman.

• east of Sheridan north of Yosemite, west of Powers, north of North, west of Marie, north of Aldwina, west of Marie, south of Alameda, and east of Roosevelt.

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