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Victim in critical condition at SJ Hospital
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Manteca Police detectives and patrol officers discuss the attack on a mother allegedly done by her 32-year-old son in the familys Alameda Street home late Wednesday afternoon that left the woman in critical condition in a trauma unit at San Joaquin General Hospital.

Arlene Duran was critically injured in her home during a knife attack Wednesday around 3 p.m.
Her 32-year-old son Alan is the suspect in the attack that took place in the family home in the 700 block of East Alameda Street.
Following the attack, Duran rushed outside to find former neighbors Linda and Larry Barnhizer as they were pulling up to the curb delivering groceries from a food pantry they were bringing to the family of five.  Barnhizer said Duran had said he needed a ride to downtown Manteca to use an ATM machine as he was out of cash.
Unaware of what had just happened, Barnhizer and his wife Linda allowed Duran to climb into the back seat of their car. They noted Duran had been having an argument with a woman on the sidewalk.  Barnhizer said when they got into the 100 block of East Yosemite Avenue, Duran asked him to pull over and let him out.
The suspect quickly disappeared as officers started searching for him with questions about his mother’s assault.
The Barnhizers said they had immediately driven back to the Alameda Street residence with the groceries to find numerous police vehicles with their emergency lights flashing in front of the home.  The couple had previously lived across the street from the Durans.
Officers learning that the Barnhizer’s red Ford Escort had a part in the scenario, stretched the yellow crime scene tape around their vehicle making it impossible for them to move.
The victim was transported by ambulance to the trauma center at San Joaquin Hospital in French Camp by Manteca District Ambulance, reportedly with a severe neck wound and in critical condition. .
Neighbors gathered on their nearby front lawns while police were conducting their investigation that led into the late evening hours after securing a search warrant from a judge.  Relatives who had been contacted by telephone also began arriving at the scene to support the family.

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