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More landscaping on way for Woodward Avenue
WOODWARD1 9-27-13
The Woodward Avenue median east of Galleria Drive will be improved to reflect the same planting as other segments such as the one shown. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

The advance of development south of the 120 Bypass originally was expected to turn Woodward Avenue into a wide expanse of more than 70 feet of asphalt running from Main Street to the western city limits.

It would have brought four lanes of traffic whizzing by more than 70 rural-style homes many of which have been along Woodward Avenue for more than 60 years.

Elected city leaders, though, weren’t wild about such a massive disruption of established lifestyles along Woodward Avenue especially when they felt planners were dabbling in overkill for traffic movements given Atherton Drive’s four-lane corridor was emerging just a quarter of a mile to the north.

So when the $9 million plus growth-funded sewer and storm lines were being installed along much of Woodward Avenue, the council decided to turn the portion of Woodward Avenue west of Main  Street into a wide two-lane road complete with a tree-lined median. The goal is to create a heavy canopy of trees that would enhance the semi-rural character for existing neighborhoods. At the same time, developments on the drawing board were reworked to have homes facing Woodward Avenue and eliminate the needs for sound walls. Those homes will either have circular or T-driveways to avoid the need for cars to back into traffic to get out of driveways.

The latest project to complete the semi-rural vision for Woodward Avenue is before the Manteca City Council on Tuesday when they meet at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Woodward Ave.

The council is expected to award a $19,915 bid to Amerine Systems to install landscaping and irrigation lines in the median on Woodward Avenue east of Galleria Avenue.

The median had been removed to perform the pipe and road work. The median was replaced but only trees were put back in place. Since it is part of the Dutra Estates Unit 1 Landscape Maintenance District the city has to restore it to its original condition. The money for the work will come from growth fees and not the LMD assessment paid by homeowners.