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MUSD clarifying 8th grade promotions
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The frustration of eighth graders who are told on the last possible day that they won’t be promoted to high school and participate in advancement ceremonies with their peers may soon end.
The Manteca Unified School District board Tuesday is considering a proposal submitted by a committee of elementary administrators and eighth grade teachers and presented to a districtwide gathering of teachers and administrators to clarify requirements and remove “fail safes” that students can use that often mask their overall performance in terms of meeting promotion requirements.
The recommendations the board is considering include:
uStudents must earn 18 grade points, three grade points for the year, and have an overall grade point average of 1.0 in math, science, social science. English language arts, elective, and physical education in order to participate in 8th grade promotion ceremonies.
uAll students will be given a District Math Assessment at the end of each trimester. Each assessment will make up 10 percent of the student’s grade. The Tool Kit will no longer be used as a fail-safe for students.
uAll students will be given a District Writing Assessment and a Formative Language Arts Assessment at the end of each trimester. Together, the two assessments will make up 10 percent of a student’s grade. The Reading Lexile score will be recorded on the report card but will not be a part of the promotion requirements.
uA student may not have any F’s during the third trimester of the 8th grade year regardless of grade point average. The requirement does not apply to Music Exploration.
The board meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the district office, 2271 West Louise. Ave.

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