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Musical chairs selection for mayor before council
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RIPON — Elected leaders recently approved the first reading of an amendment to an ordinance dictating how they select Ripon’s mayor.

On Tuesday, the Ripon City Council is expected to finalize the matter that would provide for each member with a chance to serve as mayor, using what one council member panned as a “musical chairs-type” format.

Under the plan, each seat would be numbered from one to five, with Seat 1 always being that of the mayor and Seat 2 going to the vice mayor.

The outgoing mayor would occupy Seat 5 while any newly elected member gets assigned to the lowest number opening seat.

If adopted, the ordinance would not be implemented until the first Council meeting in January 2013.

In other agenda items:

• Council members will discuss whether or not to waive the facility fees on “Love Ripon” organization events.

• They’re also expected to talk about authorizing staff to initiate the process to refund the City of Ripon’s participating share of the California Statewide Communities District Authority Water and Wastewater revenue bonds.

• The newly formed Redevelopment Successor Agency will look at approving the Ripon obligation payment schedule the runs from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2012.

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