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Administrative Approvals Granted
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The Community Development Director took action to approve Minor Plan Modification (MPM 12-78-02), which is a proposal to construct a new 939,660 square-foot distribution shell building on the remaining 68-acres of undeveloped land north of the two existing industrial buildings constructed with the first phase of this industrial complex previously known as the Assieh Industrial Development Project. The original project site plan review (SPC-01-19) and environmental impact report (EIR) were approved by the Planning Commission as an 80-acre industrial park with six buildings totaling 1,400,000 square-feet on Nov. 15, 2004. The Community Development Director found that the site plan modification met the required approval findings: That the modification is in substantial conformance with the previously approved site plan and its subsequent modifications; that the modification is in compliance with all applicable provisions of the City’s development standards; that the modification will not create impacts substantially different from those of the project as previously approved; and that the granting of the modification will not, under the circumstances of the particular case, be detrimental to the health, safety or general welfare of persons residing in the neighborhood or injurious to property and improvements in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the City. The Director, as the decision-making authority for this project, adopted an Addendum to the Assieh Industrial Development Project Final EIR as adequate environmental documentation for the project, and authorized staff to file a Notice of Determination with the County Clerk’s Office.

Building Safety Week in Review December 3-7, 2012: The Building Safety Division conducted a total of 87 inspections during the week, and the Community Development Department assisted a total of 99 people at the counter during the week. The division issued 38 building permits, which include 3 Signs, 2 Miscellaneous Electricals, 1 Miscellaneous Electrical & Mechanical, 1 Fire Sprinkler, 2 Hood & Ducts, 1 Addendum, 1 Miscellaneous Commercial Electrical, 7 Single-Family Dwellings, 6 Residential Reroofs, 1 Temporary Power Pole, 2 Water Softeners, 1 Water Heater, 3 Residential Remodels, 3 HVACs, 1 Commercial Tenant Infill, 1 Residential Addition, 1 Commercial Demolition and 1 Commercial Miscellaneous Mechanical. A total of 58 new project applications were accepted, and of those, 27 permits were issued immediately. A total of 31 submittals were held for plan check. They are: 23 Single-Family Dwellings, 1 Hood & Duct, 1 Deferred Submittal, 1 Retaining Wall/Fence, 1 Photovoltaic, 1 Sign, 1 Fir