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Alabama city leaders target sagging pants
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DADEVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Leaders of an Alabama city fed up with sagging pants on young men and hemlines on women’s skirts creeping higher are mulling penalties for clothing they consider inappropriate.

An idea to penalize people wearing sagging pants and short skirts could be discussed during Dadeville City Council’s meeting Tuesday.

Councilman Frank Goodman suggested the city of roughly 3,200 penalize people for wearing pants or shorts that expose their undergarments.

The lone woman on the council, Stephanie Kelley, says city leaders shouldn’t tell residents what they can’t wear, but suggested penalizing short skirts and shorts to apply the rule equally to women.

Residents agree the styles can go too but say an ordinance may be difficult to enforce. ACLU officials say an ordinance could also prompt legal challenges.

Dadeville is about 85 miles southeast of Birmingham.