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Condo owners vote to strip Trump name from building
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NEW YORK (AP) — Another building is stripping Trump off its entrance.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that residents of Trump Place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan have joined three other buildings in the neighborhood in stripping the president’s brassy five-letter name from their 46-story building in another sign that the brand is losing some of its appeal.

The move follows reports of losses at some of President Donald Trump’s golf courses, and decisions by several hotels that had licensed the president’s name to drop it.

After more than a quarter century, Trump Plaza will now be known only by its address, 200 Riverside Boulevard.

The name had become controversial among the building’s residents during Trump’s campaign and presidency. Owners in the 377-unit tower were worried about the resale value of their condos and also raised concerns about security in condo meetings. But potential legal and other costs of removing Trump’s name kept some from pushing harder for a change.

Then in May, a judge ruled that the Trump Organization was wrong in asserting a contract that obligated residents to keep the name. That freed the way for a formal vote and, in a poll that ended Oct. 10, nearly 70 percent of owners who voted said they wanted to change the name, according to the The New York Times .

The board estimated it would cost about $23,000 to remove the 20 letters from the building and wash the facade.

In addition to three other New York condos, Trump’s name has also been removed from hotels in Toronto, Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood and Panama City since he became president.