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Nation news briefs
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SUSPECT BEING QUESTIONED IN DEADLY NYC SUBWAY PUSH : NEW YORK (AP) — Police questioned a suspect Tuesday in the death of a New Yorker who was pushed onto the tracks and photographed just before a train hit him — an image that drew virulent criticism after it appeared on the front page of the New York Post.

Investigators recovered security video showing a man fitting the description of the assailant working with street vendors near Rockefeller Center, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said.

Witnesses told investigators they saw the suspect talking to himself Monday afternoon before he approached Ki-Suck Han at the Times Square station, got into an altercation with him and pushed him into the train's path.

Police took the man into custody Tuesday, but he hasn't yet been charged.

Han, 58, of Queens, died shortly after being struck. Police said he tried to climb a few feet to safety but got trapped between the train and the platform's edge.

The Post published a photo on its front page Tuesday of Han desperately looking at the train, his arms reaching up but unable to climb off the tracks in time. It was shot by freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi, who was waiting to catch a train as the situation unfolded.

1 MORE GUILTY OF HATE CRIME IN MISS. RUNDOWN CASE: JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Another man has pleaded guilty to hate crime charges in the death of a black man who was run over by a pickup truck in Mississippi.

William Montgomery, who is white, pleaded guilty Tuesday to hate crime charges in the death of James Craig Anderson, who was beaten and run over in Jackson on June 26, 2011. Anderson was a 47-year-old worker at a car plant.

Three white men had previously pleaded guilty in Anderson's death.

Also Tuesday, Jonathan Gaskamp, who is also white, pleaded guilty to two federal hate crime charges in racially motivated attacks on other black people in Jackson.

Prosecutors say Gaskamp and Montgomery were among several suburban young white people who would drive to Jackson to attack African-Americans.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY LOOKS TO TIGHTEN ROOSTER LAW: SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego County authorities are concerned that some residents may be claiming ties to 4H or Future Farmers of America to get around limits on how many roosters can be on a property.

The 4H and Future Farmers were exempted from an anti-cockfighting ordinance that allows just one rooster on properties less than a half-acre and up to 20 on parcels of five acres or more in unincorporated areas.

But City News Service says the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to have staff meet with the organizations to discuss ways to determine the legitimacy of exemptions, such as proof of membership or documentation of projects.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob says it appears some people claim ties to 4H or Future Farmers as a cover to raise roosters for cockfighting.