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OREGON HOOTERS HOSTS MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAM PARTY: PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Hooters' waitresses in orange shorts and tight tops lined up in two rows to cheer Corbett Middle School football players who arrived for an after-season party at the Jantzen Beach restaurant in Portland, Ore.

Fifteen of the team's 23 members attended Saturday's party which went on after the school district withdrew its support for the gathering and fired the coach for refusing to move the celebration to another location.

Coach Randy Burbach thought Hooters was appropriate and refused to back down.

Most of the players kept their heads down and their hands in their lettermen jackets as their arrival was recorded on video cameras.

Hooters paid for the party and made a donation to the Corbett Middle School sports program.

The official awards party is Monday, with pizza.

COPPER THIEVES CUT POWER TO PA. VETERANS GROUP: BRISTOL, Pa. (AP) — Authorities say copper thieves darkened Veterans Day for a veterans' organization in Pennsylvania.

Officials at the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans organization in Bristol tell WPVI-TV that someone stole copper wiring from a transformer that supplies electricity to their headquarters in Bristol. PECO Energy Co. workers were able to fix the problem by Monday afternoon.

The veterans' group says a Veterans Day ceremony planned for Monday night will now be able to go on as scheduled.

ENCINITAS EYES PHASING OUT OF WATER BOTTLES; ENCINITAS  (AP) — A Southern California city is considering phasing out the use of plastic water bottles at city-sponsored events.

U-T San Diego says ( the Encinitas City Council will debate a proposed ban this week.

The proposal would apply only to city-sponsored meetings and special events, and would not be a general citywide ban on plastic bottles.

Councilwoman Lisa Shaffer, who offered the proposal, says she got the idea after seeing empty single-use bottles pile up at a recent city-sponsored community planning workshop.

Shaffer also says she doesn't think the city should be as a policy providing bottled water when it runs a municipal water district. The coastal city operates the San Dieguito District, which provides drinking water to the western portion of Encinitas.

The city is about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego.