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WITH BIG WAVES COMING, MAVERICKS CONTEST IS ON: HALF MOON BAY  (AP) — With a Pacific storm pushing big waves toward California, organizers of a contest at one of the world's most perilous surfing spots have told competitors to grab their boards and get ready.

Jeff Clark, director of the Mavericks event, set the contest for Friday after forecasters predicted that the mix of swell size and weather would make for waves with faces exceeding 40 feet.

Twenty-four of the world's best big wave surfers now have until then to make their way to the break a half-mile off the coast near Half Moon Bay.

Two seasoned watermen have died there, including legendary big-wave rider Mark Foo from Hawaii in 1994.

This year's competitors feature local and international surfers, including former Mavericks champion Greg Long.


2 CHARGED WITH BEAR-TRAP TAMPERING AT LAKE TAHOE : RENO, Nev. (AP) — A 63-year-old California woman and her daughter have been charged with illegally tampering with a bear trap at Lake Tahoe in what Nevada wildlife officials say is the first prosecution of suspects accused of sabotaging state efforts to capture nuisance bears.

Cheryl Ann Morrison of Truckee and her 35-year-old daughter, Season Marie Morrison of Reno, pleaded innocent Tuesday in Incline Village Justice Court to misdemeanor charges of obstructing or interfering with a state wildlife officer. They face up to $1,500 in fines if convicted at their April 9 trial.

Prosecutors say the pair deliberately tripped a culvert trap set to capture a bear in Incline in October.

NDOW spokesman Chris Healy told the Reno Gazette-Journal at least 10 traps have been tampered with over the last two years.