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Police recruit accused of threatening grad shooting
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LACONIA, N.H. (AP) — A police recruit spoke to fellow officers about participating in a suicide pact or killing other officers at their graduation ceremony at New Hampshire’s police academy, a court document released Thursday alleged.

Noah Beaulieu told one recruit that “all it would take was one shot fired in the air and all the crossfire from responding officers would be what killed everyone,” according to an affidavit.

Police arrested Beaulieu, 24, of Concord, on a criminal threatening charge. They said he was a recruit from the Laconia Police Department who recently completed at program at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Academy. He was fired Wednesday.

Beaulieu was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday, but instead, a judge ordered him to remain in custody and requested a mental health evaluation for him. His lawyer, Mark Sisti, said he never meant to harm anyone.

The affidavit said other recruits told Beaulieu to stop making the comments and that they weren’t funny, but Beaulieu continued to talk about bringing machine guns and ammunition to the graduation ceremony, which is scheduled for Friday. They also reported he said a movie would be made about him when he became a serial killer.

Laconia Police Chief Matthew Canfield told WMUR-TV that he will conduct an internal review of the city’s background check process. He said “it was truly alarming to have someone that underwent such an intensive background investigation to make those comments.”