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Strange but true news
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CLERKS RIP CLOTHES OFF SHOPLIFTING SUSPECT IN NYC: NEW YORK (AP) — A worker at a 7-Eleven in Brooklyn has lost his job after he and other store employees were recorded ripping the clothes off a suspected shoplifter.

The video was recorded by a bystander Wednesday, and then promptly posted on the Internet.

It begins with two clerks dragging the man back into the store and continues as they try to wrestle him into submission.

In the process, his shirt is ripped off, his pants fall down and he is left struggling in his boxers. One worker appears to bite the man on the shoulder. Another tries to yank him up by his underwear.

Through it all, the man shouts "I got nothing, man!" while disbelieving patrons alternate between laughing and shouting at the clerks to let the man go.

"Somebody call the police. This is ridiculous!" one patron shouts.

A 7-Eleven spokeswoman told reporters the chain found the video horrifying. The company fired one worker and will retrain two others.

Police said the shoplifting suspect was already wanted in another case. He faces charges including robbery and assault.

POLICE: SWORD USED TO BREAK UP FIGHT ON ARIZ. RAIL: TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Police say an unidentified man used a Samurai sword in order to stop a fight on the light rail in Arizona.

The man pulled out his weapon after a fight broke out early Saturday morning.

Passenger Juan Vargas says passengers all got quiet when the man pulled out the sword to break up the would-be brawl.

Vargas says he took a video of the sword-wielding man and posted it on You Tube.

Valley Metro and Phoenix Police are investigating the case but no arrests have been made.

Valley Metro officials say they have increased security during their late night service.

GOATS RELEASED ON NC HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FIELD: SHELBY, N.C. (AP) — A small herd of goats caused plenty of problems for a North Carolina high school hoping to play a home football game on senior night.

Nearly a dozen goats were released in the Burns High School stadium in Cleveland County Thursday night or Friday morning. School officials say the goats caused enough of a mess to force the game against Rutherfordton-Spindale Central to be moved.

The prank raised concern because of a recent outbreak of E. coli cases associated with the Cleveland County Fair west of Charlotte this month. Burns Athletic Director Eddy Taylor said health department officials came to the school and told them the game would have to be moved.

Other activities scheduled at Burns on Friday also had to be moved.