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Super Bowl: float, route change for Choctaw
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Super Bowl is costing a Mardi Gras parade krewe on New Orleans’ west bank its usual floats and its usual route.

There won’t be any Carnival parades during Super Bowl weekend, when The Krewe of Choctaw usually rolls.

Choctaw usually shares floats and themes with a Baton Rouge group, the Krewe of Jupiter. But moving Choctaw’s parade puts both on the same day — Jan. 26, Krewe captain Chuck Favrot told The Times-Picayune.

He said Jupiter will get the floats this year, and builder Philip Fricano will get floats for Choctaw from other parades on New Orleans’ east bank. But there won’t be time to get the floats to the west bank, so Choctaw will have to use New Orleans’ uptown parade route.

“People don’t realize, a lot goes into it,” Favrot said. Getting the floats to and from the west bank on what will be a very busy Carnival weekend just won’t work, he said.

“It’s not just jumping on them and riding them,” he said. “It takes time to for people to load them, stage them and clean them.”

Because Choctaw will get a hodgepodge of floats, Favrot is also not sure what the Choctaw parade theme will be.

“This is done of necessity,” he said. “It’s either do this or not parade.”