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No one under 21 allowed in River Islands at Lathrop office
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Where is the most exclusive bar in the South County?

That would have to be the one on the second floor of the River Islands at Lathrop offices on Stewart Road just off Manthey Road that overlooks the San Joaquin River.

A sign at the front entrance notes that “no one under 21 is allowed.”

River Islands staff took required bartending courses as stipulated by the Alcohol Beverage and Control Board so they could keep the license in place. That means it opens for business an hour each week.

It’s a smart move given how difficult liquor licenses are to come by. The eventual plan is to convert the building back to its original use as a bar with arguably some of the best river views in the area.

Flowers for his special lady
Manteca hero – 7-year-old Jordan McCain – delivered a bouquet of flowers to Manteca Police Community Servcie Officer Shaun Ferraro during ceremonies at the start of the Manteca City Council meeting Tuesday.

McCain calmly called 9-1-1 when his father Marlon suffered a seizure. He also stayed calm when emergency personnel arrived to direct them to his father. Ferraro stayed with Jordan until authorities were able to figure out how to contact his mother and alert her of the situation.

Interim Fire Chief Kirk Waters presented Jordan with a Manteca firefighter’s baseball camp and a resolution recognizing his efforts while Ferraro presented him with a Manteca Police Department challenge coin.

Family gets kudos for helping police
Speaking of heroes, last month Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker honored the father-son-daughter team of Joel, Joseph and Chelsea Eddings who helped police nab burglary suspects.

As police were scouring the neighborhood, the kids spotted the suspect from their second story window jumping fences. They called down to their father who then alerted police.

Bricker noted it takes team work of the community and police to fight crime.