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No parking signs soon to be history
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LATHROP – By this time next month, the No Parking signs on both sides of Thomsen Road near the Harlan Road intersection will be gone.

They will be replaced by a sign designating a section of Thomsen 200 feet east of Harlan all the way east to Gray son Road that will indicate parking along these curbs will be allowed but limited to the hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. These same areas, though, will remain off-limits to overnight parking as spelled in the ordinance that is being amended.

The city council approved 4-0 the change in the current ordinance in order to accommodate the request of a concerned business owner. The fifth seat on the council is vacant.

LeAnn McNabb was one of the people who addressed the council in favor of allowing parking on the side of Thomsen Street, albeit on a limited basis.

She pointed out that there are only 18 parking spaces in the building complex which houses three different businesses – Coldwell Banker Crossroads Real Estate where she works which came to Lathrop nearly 7 years ago, a child care facility which opened about a year and a half ago, and an Urgent Care Clinic. During instances such as when the child care is holding enrollments, there are just not enough parking spaces available on the property for their clients, said McNabb who is a Realtor® and a notary public. Making the sides of the streets next to their building available for parking will help ease that problem, she told the council.

Another resident who supported lifting the No Parking limitations to at least certain sections of this busy city block just east of Interstate 5 was Rosalinda Valencia.

“In case anybody noticed, we don’t have a lot of doctors in Lathrop, so we need to keep that business there,” Valencia said referring to the Urgent Care clinic that is located in the commercial building complex on the southeast corner of Thomsen Street and Harlan Road which was the target of the ordinance amendment.

In recommending the ordinance change, city staff explained that “since fronting properties (at Thomsen) have developed and businesses have been established, modifying daytime parking restriction to meet the needs of the business community and meet the intended use of the area is required.”

No Parking limitations will continue to be enforced for the sake of safety on a 200-foot length of Thomsen going east from Harlan Road.

Opening up the rest of the curbsides up to Grayson Road to the east will provide a parking convenience for both employees and patrons of the businesses concerned. On the north side of Thomsen in this designated area is the Holiday Inn Express hotel, formerly Best Western Inns and Suites, which would also benefit from this ordinance change.

The newly worded ordinance will take effect 30 days from the date of its adoption by the council.

This action will not cost the city any. The $500 cost for the new signs will be paid by William Assad, the owner of the property at 15810 Harlan Road. He has already deposited that amount with the city.

Staff though pointed out that while the project does not have any direct cost to the city, “the city needs to recognize the revenue from the property owner to cover the costs.”