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Numbers game changes Manteca natives life
Manteca native Ted Bristow shows off the 360-degree sphere that he has spent decades refining. The numeric code contained within, he believes, shows the correlation between everything. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL

Ted Bristow’s life changed on a Monday.

And it wasn’t even a particularly good Monday. In fact, when he got home at the end of the night he decided to come up with a calendar that only had six days in each week – leaving off the one day that everybody loathes.

At the time he thought he was just doing something to let his feelings be known. But when he started filling in the spaces on the astro-calendar that he had created, he recognized a sequence that baffled him.

Numbers started repeating. Patterns started to emerge. And while he was only scratching the surface – and freaking out his girlfriend at the time – he was laying the foundation for a concept that would shatter the way he looked at mathematics and life in general and transform his approach to the future.

The Bristow Sequence was born.

“I found this thing and then all of these coincidences started happening in my life,” said Bristow – who just moved back to his native Manteca from Hawaii. “Those coincidences led to other coincidences. That’s just how it’s been as I’ve been working on this.”

Simply put, the Bristow sequence equates the connection between everything and paints its mirror image in mathematical format – linking everything on a 360-degree scale and likening it to harmonics. 

By following some of the discoveries of the Pythagoreans – the followers of Pythagoras whose society was steeply rooted in mathematics – Bristow was able to find links to his recurring and baffling numerical sequences. The numbers 12 and 15 commonly surfaced in his research. The number 9 held the most sway as all of his angle measurements, when added, equated that figure. Both 3 and 6 were common.

Bristow went to great lengths to both prove and explain his sequence using other famous mathematical discoveries like the Fibonacci number – known to mathematicians as The Golden Ratio. Overlaid with The Circle of Fifths – the musical scale that outlines harmonies – he started to discover that there were even more corresponding factors.

So he researched. He accumulated boxes and boxes of numbers and data to support his theory.

Somehow throughout this process he continued his passion for inventing. He secured several patents and even wrapped up an award from NASA for a generator he constructed as part of a contest – earning a trip to New York to receive the commendation at a banquet.

While most of his research is scientific in nature and hard to explain, The Bristow Sequence, he said, can be boiled down for anybody to understand.

“Everything is a circle, reflecting forward and back, up and down, diagonal,” he said. “All of the relative numbers apply to different things. Everything has a relation.”

And he did all of this with a background as a master electrician – spending several years in Las Vegas working on celebrity homes, restaurants and projects while the roots of what would become his legacy were being planted.

Bristow is just now making his first big public push to let people in on what it is that he’s spent more than three decades fine tuning – recording a DVD that outlines the basics of his sequence and boiling it down for anyone to understand.

Janis Music is the first retail vendor to carry the discs.

“I don’t do things like this for the money, but because of the answers. I need to know how things work,” Bristow said. “That’s how I’ve always been with this. I need to know how things are going to work.

“I think people will learn from this that everything comes down to positive and negative, and energy itself can’t be destroyed – it can only be transferred. That’s what this is all about.”

Janis Music, located at 138 W. Yosemite Ave., will have copies of the DVD for sale. It will be available for viewing at