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PG&E replaces at-risk natural gas line south of Manteca
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PG&E this past summer replaced 2.5 miles of a natural gas pipeline that runs from Woodward Avenue to West Ripon Road south of Manteca. The segment had been ranked its 43rd worst natural gas pipeline segment based on a high risk list compiled by PG&E.

The section of Pipeline 108 that PG&E shut down and left in the ground and instead diverted natural gas flows into a new parallel line are among those on the list of 100 natural gas pipeline segments that PG&E believes are in the highest need of needing corrective maintenance or work.

The list was released Monday in response to pressure from the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Legislature, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the aftermath of the San Bruno natural gas pipeline explosion that killed six and destroyed 37 homes.

PG&E has 20,000 natural gas pipeline segments throughout its service territory.

They are all rated on the potential for third party damage such as dig-ins from construction, the potential for ground movement, potential for corrosion and the physical and design characteristics of the pipe.

PG&E also takes into account proximity to high density population, reliability issues, and environmental sensitive areas. The top 100 list, which is re-evaluate every year, issued to determine work plans.

The rural Manteca line made the list based on its physical design and characteristics.

 “I want to assure the public that the list is not of pipelines that are at risk or dangerous.  The list is a tool used by PG&E to prioritize maintenance, repair, or monitoring of its gas pipelines,” said CPUC Executive Director Paul Clanon in a news release on Monday.  “The CPUC will review the list to ensure that PG&E is monitoring their system effectively. We will also ask the state’s other regulated natural gas utilities to provide us with similar planning lists.”