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Police arrest escapee in Moffat trailer
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A Manteca Police canine got his man Thursday morning – biting a Sheriff’s Honor Farm escapee into submission from his hiding place under a bed in a trailer park in the 500 block of Moffat Boulevard at 8:20 a.m.

Officers Randy Chiek, Marnix Lub and Sgt. Mike Sexon entered the home looking specifically for Joshua Johnson – shouting four times they were releasing the police canine if he didn’t come out of hiding.  He refused to show his face and they released three-year-old canine Sabre who would make his first apprehension since joining the department just months ago. 

Johnson, 42, received several puncture wounds and scratches on his arm, police said, before being taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. 

Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the scene and took their escapee into custody, according to police. Johnson has a dozen aliases listed and must appear in the Stockton Superior Court on Monday, July 20.

Johnson and James Warmington, 28, left the honor farm on July 12 and were discovered missing at the bed count at about 10 p.m.

Police said Johnson was found in a bedroom but wasn’t visible when police entered. The dog found him beneath piles of clothing piled tightly in a corner of the room between the bed and walls.

The use of the dog avoided putting officers in jeopardy searching through clothes and other debris in the room after being informed by an occupant of the home that Johnson was inside. It also allowed officers to avoid a situation where more harm could have come to the escapee had they been forced to use other means to apprehend him.

The department has six dogs trained specifically for situations such as the one on Thursday to protect both officers and suspects.

Police Chief Nick Obligacion noted police dogs are trained to bite and hold on, minimizing any injury to a suspect.